Foods That Trigger Heartburn

The foods that trigger heartburn can vary a great deal from person to person. What bothers one person may be just fine for another. Still, there are some foods that tend to tip the scale for many who suffer from this condition. The majority of them are either rich, spicy or acidic. When you are thinking about foods that can give you heartburn, try not to forget about drinks, which can also cause problems. Many people find that coffee, orange juice or alcohol can be as bad as some foods when it comes to heartburn. Carbonated beverages can also cause issues.

Foods that are spicy, such as salsa, or some of the hot Mexican dishes can trigger heartburn attacks. Chili can be another culprit. Although they may taste really good, garlic and onion can be a problem for some people as well.

Peppermint, chocolate and tomatoes make the list of foods that can contribute to heartburn, despite the fact that they are harmless for many people. Another surprise is the fact that foods don’t have to be spicy or hot to cause a problem. Eating too much rich food can also put you in “heartburn-land”. Finding the foods that trigger heartburn for you can take a while, but keep these common things in mind as you try to find the substances that cause you problems.

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