Avoid Heartburn on Vacation

Nothing puts the brakes on a great vacation like pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, the carefree nature and overindulgence related to vacationing can contribute to issues like heartburn. Learn how to control your heartburn while you’re having a good time.

Keep Portions Small
Even if you’re eating at restaurants every night, you can eat small portions. Try splitting a meal. If you try something new or spicy, just try a little bit. Don’t pig out on foods that will make your heartburn worse.

Don’t Overindulge on Alcohol
While it may be tempting to drink a lot on vacation, you need to remember that overindulgence in alcohol can cause major heartburn flare-ups. Be especially careful with acidic drink mixes and fruit juices.

Don’t Forget Meds
If you take medication to control the symptoms of heartburn or GERD, don’t leave them at home. If you abruptly stop taking medication, you probably won’t enjoy your vacation.

Snack Frequently
Even when you’re off having adventures, remember to snack. When you don’t eat enough, you’ll be more likely to eat too much when you do eat. That will trigger your heartburn symptoms.

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