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The Connection Between Losing Weight and Heartburn

Posted: Sep 28 in Reflux Blog by

If you suffer from frequent heartburn and are overweight, losing weight may resolve your heartburn symptoms. What does heartburn have to do with body weight?

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Job Stress Brings Gastrointestinal Problems

Posted: Aug 31 in Reflux Blog by

A new study shows that stress at work can increase your risk for mental health disorders and gastrointestinal problems.

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Sleeping Pills May Make Acid Reflux Worse

Posted: Jun 30 in Reflux Blog by

If you’re taking a prescription sedative to help you sleep, you may be increasing your risk for heartburn and acid reflux.

The problem, according to researchers at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, is that taking a sleeping pill may prevent you from waking up enough to swallow during an episode of nighttime reflux.

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